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Just Port Me

Anyone who has hung out with me over the last few years knows that I have become strangely addicted to port. I see a port and I simply must try it. Well, tonight is no exception! I tried one of Todd Bostock’s new creations, the 2008 Dos Cabezas Cadus Port. Now I’m no port expert, in fact I know nothing except that I love to sip it and get warm and fuzzy, but I was instantly dumbfounded by the nose on this puppy. Todd says dried apricot and earth and I say underlying evergreens; either way, it smells of no port I have ever encountered. Exciting new discovery!

While we’re on the subject, port should be used to wrap up an evening rather than as the drink of the evening (I say this from traumatizing experience). I don’t care how much you’ve had to drink or how good the port is, anything more than a sampling is wrong under any conditions. That being said, a simple mix with country-time lemonade (replace half the water w/port) can create a lovely, refreshing summer sipper! And, while I have yet to try it, Debbie from Oak Creek Vineyards swears by drizzling a bit of port over a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Oh yeah, and a port reduction over a bacon and spinach salad… or really any pork… or… I digress. Did I mention I love this stuff?