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Midlife Whatever – Blame it on the rock

Call it a midlife crisis, an awakening, a mental breakdown, or a self-absorbed ego. Whatever it is, I’ve decided to enter the world of blogging. I’ve spent a large portion of my life running in circles, heading wherever the road leads. I may not always know the correct path, but today is the day I take an active role in choosing it. Why today? Blame it on the rock.

Getting ready for work this morning, I found a blouse in the pile of clean laundry on my dresser. As I grabbed the garment something fell out onto my foot. I reached down and picked up a rock.¬†Questions flood my mind, “WTF? How could a rock possibly get into my laundry? Where would a white rock even come from? What else is hiding in this mound of clothing?” until I just stopped and decided that only such a random sign as a rock in my shirt could get me to open my eyes and take control.

On my way home from the office I stopped to get my mail and found my diploma had arrived. After 17 long years, countless jobs, 2 majors, and 2 more minors, I finally have that stupid piece of paper. Time to put it all to use and take control.

So I hope you decide to join me in my journey. It’ll likely involve some entertaining mishaps, plenty of food and wine, and perhaps a bit of a transformation… bring it on!